Get Psyched for the First Friday Practice! 1-9-15

Location:  Richmond Middle School – park in north parking lot and come in to the building through the door near the auditorium
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: running, indoor stations including video, pre-race strategies and visualization-(bring running shoes, dry socks and clothes for activity)
Wax Recommendation: none:)
Upcoming Race: Bogburn Classic (go here to register for the race) and add your child’s name (and yours as a helper) to our planning sheet here. For every race, our site will have the organization sheet available on the “Racing” tab .


Dorcas, our 3 Day Lead Coach, has a great plan for tomorrow. The emphasis will be introducing skiers to the elements of a pre-race warm-up. We will see everyone at RMS.


Ashley and Peter


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