Nordic Racing

Racing Goals:

In line with our mission statement, the goal of BKL races is to add a fun and exciting element to skiing, beyond just general team practices. BKL races are a good way to introduce our athletes to racing in a low-key and supportive environment, which helps to ease them into more competitive races in the future, should they enjoy racing. As a parent it is important to support your child, but also allow them to create their own path in skiing. Our goal is not to focus on results or an overly competitive atmosphere, but rather build an enjoyment of skiing fast! The bottom line: having fun is the primary goal of these events.

Ford Sayre BKL Supported Races:

Click here to see our race schedule on the Google calendar or scroll down to see the list of FS supported races.

NENSA and BKL Races and Events:

NENSA is the New England Nordic Ski Association; our parent organization. They are the umbrella group for nordic ski racing in the North East. As a Ford Sayre BKL racer, you are obliged to be a member of NENSA — hence the $25 you paid at registration.

In return, NENSA offers its members comprehensive information and news on Nordic skiing in New England, including an online race schedule that covers the extended region and also lists adult races and junior events .

The Bill Koch League (BKL) is a part of NENSA that is devoted to fostering a love of skiing among children in grades K to 8. The BKL page on the NENSA site offers details on clinics, events, and general kid-related nordic info.

Ski and Waxing Preparation Requests:

  1. Please clearly mark your skis and poles with your skiers’ names.
  2. Please mark the kick zone for classic waxing. (Easily done. Check out this link or this video for more details on how to find your kick zone.)
  3. We strongly recommend ski straps for both keeping track of and protecting your skis.  Mark those with your name as well! You can buy Ford Sayre ski ties at the Ski Swap and other Ford Sayre Events.
  4. Make sure classic skis are clean and not sticky with klister or hard-wax. Here is a video showing how to clean klister off of skis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long before the start of a race should I arrive?

Generally it is best to arrive at least an hour before the start of the race. This gives the athlete time to get their bib, and orient themselves to the start, course, and other logistics. As athletes become more experienced they will also want to warm-up prior to the race which may require more time. For our BKL athletes however, just a little skiing around prior to the race is all that is necessary.

What should my child wear to a race? 

Layers! There is no specific race uniform. Some skiers choose to wear the Ford Sayre tops and/or tights which are available in the fall through our Podiumwear Storefront. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email when the storefront opens. Skiers will likely want to wear less during the actual race than they normally would at practice, but will want to have layers for before & after the race.

What is a racing bib? What is bib pick-up?

A racing bib is your number. After registering in advance online, on the day of the race at the race location, you will pick up the bib that the skier wears during the race. Most often they are worn for the race & returned after crossing the finish line.