Nordic Programs

Bill Koch League

Grades K-8

Junior Nordic Team

Grades 9-12

Nordic Club

Adult skiers

Scholarships are available to support program costs.


  • Develop in participants a life-long passion for skiing
  • Create a positive learning environment that emphasizes individual improvement
  • Teach ski skills and training methods based on the USSA Long-Term Development model
  • Ensure that participants experience the exhilaration of going fast on skis
  • Introduce skiers to the fun and excitement of healthy competition
  • Provide support to athletes who want to pursue ski racing at a local, regional, and national level
  • Develop cooperative and supportive skiers
  • Create opportunities for older skiers to mentor and serve as role models to younger skiers
  • Ensure that all participants (skiers, coaches, parents) see themselves as members of the Ford Sayre community