Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council

The Council is made up of the Board of Trustees and the directors of each program. The Trustees oversee the general operations of the council, and administer its budget. The Program Directors run the various alpine and nordic programs.

Board of Trustees 2017-2018

  • Tracy Walsh, Chair
  • Mike Holmes, Vice-Chair and Executive Secretary
  • John Ruth, Treasurer
  • Peter Milliken
  • Amy Goodney, Registrar
  • Clay Adams, Insurance Representative
  • Margaret Rightmire, Nordic Coordinator, ex officio
  • Liz Hackett, Alpine Coordinator, ex officio

Program Directors 2017-2018

  • Tricia Spellman,  Co-Director, Alpine Recreation Program
  • Megan Tompkins, Co-Director, Alpine Recreation Program
  • Megan Holthoff, Co-Director, Alpine Racing
  • Reese Madden, Co-Director, Alpine Racing
  • Michelle and Bob Couture, Co-Directors, Ford Sayre Academy
  • Mike Woods, Director, Freestyle
  • Heidi Nichols, Director, Ski Jumping
  • Aricca Van Citters, Co-Director, BKL (K-4)
  • Jane Phipps, Co-Director, BKL (5-8)
  • Ashley Milliken, Director, Junior Nordic Team
  • Steve Thoms, Director, Ski and Winter Sports Sale
  • Janet Hardy, Nordic Club

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