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Coaches for the 2018-2019 season.

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Photo taken at Coaches-only practice, Nov. 8, 2016

Head Coach


Our Head Coach is responsible for the organization, preparation and direction of our fabulous coaching team. Please address all coaching inquiries to Jay at

(photo taken at New Year’s Festi-vent 2017)

Jay DavisJay Davis, Head Coach

Jay started skiing in Bethel, ME, where in elementary school he witnessed the Torger Tokel league change to the Bill Koch League. He lives in Lyme and works with college access programs at Dartmouth College, where he skied on the collegiate team and then coached for two years after graduation.  He has coached all grade levels with Ford Sayre in the 16 years he has been with the program, and has settled in recently with the 7th and 8th graders (probably a good approximation of his own energy/maturity level).

Grades K -2

Andy Hilton, Lead Coach, Grades K-2

Heidi Trimarco, Lead Coach, Grades K-2Heidi Trimarco

Heidi Trimarco, of Hanover, started nordic skiing as a child and now enjoys skiing with her own children. Heidi loves that skiing is a sport that the entire family can do together. Her goal is to teach the youngest skiers how much fun skiing is. Heidi and her husband have three daughters, ages 8, 6, and 4. This is Heidi’s fourth year volunteering with the Ford Sayre program as a coach for the K-2 program.

Aricca Van Citters, Lead Coach, Grades K-2

Aricca began skiing as a child, and raced from elementary school through her college years at Dartmouth. She loves skiing for fun with family and friends. Aricca has coached Nordic skiing at the high school and elementary levels. She is a Co-Program Head for the BKL program, and a co-lead coach for the K-2nd grade participants. She lives in Hanover with her husband and their three children (ages 10, 8, and 6). This is her sixth year coaching with the Ford Sayre program.

Group Coaches and Parent Assistants will be announced.


First Grade: 

Second Grade: 

Grades 3 & 4

Teresa LustTeresa Lust, Lead Coach, Grades 3&4

Teresa started nordic skiing in college after a childhood on alpine skis. Along with her husband and two children she has participated in the Ford Sayre program in one form or another for going on nine years. She loves how cross-country skiers make the most of Upper Valley winters. Who else can hit the trails in sub-zero temperatures and two inches of snow and call it perfect conditions and the best day ever!

img_3639Ashley Milliken, Lead Coach, Grades 3&4

Ashley grew up alpine skiing with her family in Franconia, NH, but her husband showed her the light and as an adult she has converted to nordic skiing. She loves the peace of classic skiing in the woods, the workout that classic skiing offers, and sharing the sport with her family. Ashley coaches skiing and lacrosse.

Greg DeFrancis

Greg DeFrancis

Greg has been involved in Ford Sayre nordic programs for over 12 years as a coach, parent, and Juniors Nordic Team program head. When not skiing at the Greens or waxing at BKL races, he can be found cheering on the collegiate carnival circuit or just taking some personal time at Craftsbury or Trapps. Greg passion is getting kids to fall in love with being active and healthy in our winter landscape. Keeping it fun and exciting for everyone is the way he most enjoys his sessions with BKLers on the snow.
Karl Furstenburg

Karl Fürstenberg

This is Karl’s fifth year coaching with Ford Sayre. His goal at this level is to build enthusiasm and a solid skiing foundation that will help young skiers if they choose to continue with the sport.  He has been involved in long distance running and xc skiing for many years.  Karl had a long career in the senior administration at Dartmouth and lives in Lyme.
John Griesemer

John Griesemer

John lives in Lyme and began coaching five years ago with Karl Furstenberg when Scottie Eliassen found them both thrashing around at an undisclosed ski location in Dorchester, NH. They found their way into the Grade 3-4 group and never left. He and Karl believe in skills and fun. Not necessarily in that order.
Kirsten Gleeson

Kirsten Gleeson

Kirsten started out nordic skiing on wooden skis with her earliest race at age six and shortly after her first coaching stint, teaching her best friend who had never skied before. She raced for the next 24 years starting with the Torger Tokle/Bill Koch Ski League through 4 years of NCAA racing at Williams and for another decade thereafter. She taught all ages and levels of skiing at Royal Gorge, CA and helped coach at junior ski clinics and nationals. She has worked for 16 years at DHMC as a physical therapist and returned to coaching in the Ford Sayre Nordic Program when her oldest child joined in kindergarten.
img_4613Jeremy Griffiths

Viva Hardigg

Viva Hardigg

Viva Hardigg started nordic skiing at age four when, in the era of pine pitch, her family gave two Toggenburg goats to the Putney School in exchange for cross-country ski lessons. After four years of racing at Dartmouth, she spent a fifth and happily memorable year in Hanover running the K-2 portion of Ford Sayre. Years later, she has returned to a house near Oak Hill with her husband and two sons and is thrilled to be coaching again.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.33.45 AM

Jim Komarmi

Jim grew up skiing up and down his (very flat) driveway in Western New York and on the short hills in Buffalo’s Lake Effect snow belt. He grew up racing Alpine before taking up teaching and coaching. He has nearly 20 years coaching experience (mostly Alpine) at GMVS, as Alpine Program Director at Mad River Glen, and at DEVO Ski Camps. While at GMVS, he was fortunate to attend many Nordic training camps because….they’re just fun! Together with his step-son Aidan, he is ready for another year in the BLK program and they’re both really excited!

Heather Rowland

Heather returns for another year of coaching with the Ford Sayre program. Her two children are in the 5th-8th grade Development/Racing program

Grades 5-8 Adventure

Susan Frankenstein, Lead Coach, Grades 5-8 AdventureSusan Frankenstein

Susan grew up alpine skiing and started cross country skiing in high school. Her favorite way to spend a winter day is to explore the woods on classic skis. You can easily get to so many places that are impassable in summer. This is Susan’s 7th year volunteering with Ford Sayre.

Alice StrentaAlice Feola Strenta
Lee PetersLee Peters
Group Coach

Grades 5-6, Development/Racing

Peter MillikenPeter Milliken, Lead Coach, Grades 5&6 Dev/Racing

Peter started skiing as a child with the Bill Koch Ski League and raced seriously through college (Williams). His idea of a perfect day include an epic day of classic skiing with family and friends after a new snowfall – ending with a sumptuous meal of course!

Rob Walsh Rob Walsh, Lead Coach, Grades 5&6, Dev/Racing

Rob started cross country skiing as a freshman at Dartmouth and had his first coaching experience with Ford Sayre his senior year. After many years of pursuing his own skiing, he returned to coaching when his kids joined the BKL program. After spending several years with  the 3rd & 4th graders he has now settled into coaching the 5th & 6th grade group.

Tom Weir, Lead Coach, 5&6 Dev/Racing

Dennis DonahueDennis Donahue
Group Coach
Cindy GlueckCindy Glueck
Group Coach
Scott MayScott May
Group Coach
John PhippsJohn Phipps
Group Coach
Bridget Logan
Group Coach


 Grades 7-8 Development/Racing

Heidi LangeHeidi Lange, Lead Coach, Gr 7-8

Heidi spent her childhood winter weekends alpine ski racing in the Mount Washington Valley.  It wasn’t until adulthood that she developed her love of Nordic skiing and now feels privileged to share that joy with so many others. This is her 6th year coaching with Ford Sayre, and her 3rd co-leading the 5th and 6th grade group.  Heidi also coaches Crew at Hanover High School.  In her perfect world, those seasons would overlap with snow remaining on the Upper Valley trails long after the ice has gone out on the Connecticut.  She lives in Lyme with her husband and two children.

hilaryHilary McNamee, Lead Coach, Grades 7&8 Dev/Racing

This is Hilary’s 5th (… or is it 6th?!) season working with Ford Sayre BKL and JNT programs. A 2013 graduate of Dartmouth College who just can’t seem to leave the Upper Valley, she is entering her 3rd season as the Dartmouth Ski Team Nordic Assistant. She hails from the snowy hinterlands of Aroostook County, Maine where all they do is ski, snowblow their driveways, and consider getting time-shares in the tropics. She made the switch from basketball to skiing at the age of 13 and qualified for the US Junior National Biathlon Team two years later. Her first international racing experience was to represent USA at the World Junior Championships hosted by her hometown– one of her most memorable and magical ski experiences ever. She competed at 5 World Junior Championships and has had several top 20 finishes at US Nationals and SuperTours in the sprints. She still tries to maintain enough fitness and speed to throw down in at least one race a season to maintain her street cred with the athletes she works with.

Leif Johnson, Lead Coach, Grades 7&8 Dev/Racing


Program Directors

Kelly Dent:  After moving to Hanover, Kelly learned nordic skiing and fell in love with the sport.  She now enjoys taking her three girls out skiing any time there’s snow on the ground.  She is happy to join the Ford Sayre BKL program as Co-Program Director for grades K-4.

All administrative or coaching questions for skiers in K-4  should be directed to Kelly at: or by phone at 603-667-8512.

Dennis & Elisabeth Kulakowski: Dennis & Elisabeth live in Corinth, VT.  They had run their own BKL club up north and have joined Ford Sayre in 2017.   Immersed in all snow activities, they are now Co-Program Directors for the BKL program, Grades 5-8.

All administrative or coaching questions for skiers in Grades 5-8 should be directed to Dennis & Elisabeth at: or by phone at 802-461-6891.