Tips & Tales Archive

Tips and Tales Vol. 5: Mind Games, 2/12/19

  1. Racing should be fun.
  2. Pre and post race discussions should be about things other than podiums
  3. Kids sometimes ski faster when they are not trying to ski fast
  4. Jessie Diggins is worth reading

Tips and Tales Vol. 4: Skating, 1/23/19

  1. Skate Fundamentals and Terminology
  2. Activities to Support Skate Fundamentals
  3. Games to Support Skate Fundamentals

Tips and Tales Vol. 3: Classic, 1/15/19

  1. Visual
  2. Basics of Striding
  3. Suggestions for things to try in practice

Tips and Tales Vol. 2: Racing, 1/7/19

  1. Program Mission & Objectives
  2. Words from Ashley Milliken
  3. Words from Jessie Diggins

Tips and Tales Vol. 1: Overview, ABC’s, and Behavior Management, 12/11/18

  1. Head Coach Role
  2. Overview of Goals for the Season
  3. ABC’s, and a recent video clip to prove their importance!
  4. Tips on Behavior Management at practices