Waxing and Ski Maintenance

Robert Bradlee wrote this great summary of ski maintenance including equipment and basic waxing and cleaning instructions.

Classic skis need kick wax in the middle of the ski (underfoot) to provide “kick” when the skier takes a stride and pushes off against the snow. Glide wax on the tip and tail of the ski then provides the glide.  Skate skis need glide wax along the entire bottom of the ski to provide a smooth surface upon which the skier glides from side to side.

Click here or here to learn more — much, much more — about waxing.

You can also visit our page on Ski Gear Information to see the basic set of waxes and tools that we recommend you have on hand.


  • If your child is skiing on waxless skis, there is no need to wax their skis.
  • Ski bases are easily scratched and damaged. Please ask your child to avoid skiing over rocks, sticks, and other hard objects.