Practice Cancelled Thursday 2-4-16



Man! Mother Nature is giving us a run for our money! We have checked out various spots around Hanover, but the wet and ice are making things sketchy. Practice is cancelled for tomorrow. We hope you can find a way to be active with a friend or two.


We will celebrate our season at the Black Community Center on Monday, March 14, 5-7pm. Note that there is no school in the Dresden district that day, but we WILL have our banquet. Please save the date. More to come from Ursula Slate, Banquet Coordinator Extraordinaire, as the date approaches.


If you want to lift your ski spirits, take a look at the following:

Go to 4×5 Women’s Relay from last week

Sadie Bjornsen showing how it is done with downhill technique.

Us Team doing Uptown Funk in their own inimitable style

French Biathlon team on 5 kilometer downhill with GoPro camera

And this from Jessie Diggins’ blog from the Tour de Ski (  

I was so excited about this win because it not only proved to myself

that I am capable of skiing with the best in the World, but that every

little kid growing up in the US is, too. Because I’m not a special

person. I’m not the strongest, and I don’t have crazy raw speed or

talent. I don’t always make great tactical decisions, and my technique

has a long way to go. But I ski with a lot of heart, and I know how to

push my body as far as it will go, and then a little farther. I grew

up skiing in the Minnesota Youth Ski League club, and I raced with my

high school team in Stillwater. I didn’t do anything crazy or special,

just loved to ski with my friends. So if I can do it, you can, too!

And that’s the best message I can possibly send home…that it’s

possible for young skiers in the US to keep dreaming those impossibly

big dreams, because they’re coming true right now.


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