Practice cancelled for 2/2/16 – 1-day a week program

Dear 1-day a week BKL families,

I am sorry to say that we have decided to cancel practice for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2nd.

Our late afternoon checks of Garipay Field leave us unconvinced that our full group of 145 kids and their coaches can ski at Garipay tomorrow, and the ground is so soggy that it even would be difficult to run around and play games in boots. 

We encourage you to find a friend and try to find some snow. As of this afternoon, the Hanover golf course looks to have some snow patches big enough for a few skiers at a time. However, with a forecast for 40 degrees and sun, it is unclear what conditions anywhere will look like by Tuesday afternoon.

We are so sorry to have to cancel practice.

Aricca;; 603-715-7233

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