Practice Cancelled for Tuesday, 2-2-16

For 2&3 Day Program:


So sorry to say that Jay’s 5pm ski to check conditions at Garipay and Oak Hill left him unconvinced that our group of 100 kids and coaches can ski at either place tomorrow, so we have decided to cancel practice. HOWEVER, we encourage you to find a friend and go see for yourselves – as of Saturday, Greens in Lyme was good and Huntley Meadow in Norwich also had snow as of Sunday night. The Hanover golf course may even have patches big enough for a few skiers at a time. But with the sun tomorrow, it is unclear what conditions anywhere will look like for our entire group. Sorry to have to cancel, but let us know if you find a good spot!


Over 30 skiers showed up for the Paintball Biathlon this weekend! Go Ford Sayre! We would love to see photos if you have them. Go here to upload your photos of the day. They will then appear in an album linked on our site under “photos.”


The Harland Tiki Torch Ski is coming up! This is a wonderful family-friendly event with food, a bonfire, and trails lit with tiki torches. It’s free for kids under 12, too!

Check it out here:


While we were just notified that it is not happening this week because of warm temps, in the future, Whaleback will be offering night skiing once a week at the bottom of its alpine slopes on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm. Go here for more information. Again, although the site says tonight is on, we have been told it is not.

Cheers and think snow!

Ashley and Peter



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