ACTION ITEM! NENSA Membership Numbers Needed

Dear 2&3 day Families,

If this is your child’s first year in the 2&3 Day Program, you can ignore this message.

Otherwise, we need your help! It will take less than 5 minutes!

Every year we include a NENSA membership fee in our program fee for each skier. We then collect all our skiers’ names and send them to NENSA with a check for the entire group of skiers. Past skiers’ memberships get updated and new skiers’ get new memberships.

This year, NENSA has asked for our help since they are light on staff. They would like us to provide the NENSA numbers of skiers who have been members in the past.

If your child skied in our program in the past, then she/he already has a NENSA membership number and we ask that you share it with us by completing this google form:

If you don’t know your child’s NENSA number, go to the NENSA site here:

Log in to your account and find the membership number there.

We know this is a hassle. Thanks for your help. We have never been asked for this information before but we will make sure to include it in our registration process next year for your (and our) convenience.

Ashley and Peter


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