Plan for Thursday 1-14-16


Location:   Strafford Nordic Center, Strafford, VT
Time:  3:45-4:45
Technique:  skate
Wax Recommendation:  NA
Upcoming Event/Race:  Nothing this weekend for BKL


While last night’s snow certainly made it look a lot more wintry out there, the local skiing is unfortunately still very icy/crusty right underneath the surface. All reports agree that it is not going to be safe/fun/good for tomorrow anywhere in Hanover/Norwich.

For those who can make the drive, we will be having a very informal, optional practice with a smaller number of coaches at the Strafford Nordic Center. Coaches will be there to ski with the kids between 3:45 and 4:45, and those who come should have an adventurous spirit as none of the coaches has skied the conditions yet.  Please note that the conditions may be challenging for beginner skiers. Of course, you should  feel no pressure whatsoever to make the drive if the logistics don’t work. 

Here’s to making the most of what we’ve got! 


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