Practice Plan for Tuesday, 2/10/15: One-day Program

Hello 1-day a week BKL families,

What great snow – and what a change from January’s ice!

Location: Garipay
Time: 3:30-5:00 (Note the new end time!!)
Technique: Classic
Upcoming Event:


The Silver Fox Trot – our home race – takes place Saturday at Garipay! Go to SkiReg to register and to the SFT page on our site for details and schedules. Parents, don’t forget the citizen’s race! Low key, great exercise, lots of fun! Please register early to help us organize!



  1. Skiing should be fantastic tomorrow. To celebrate, we are having snacks with the 2-Day a week BKL program. Please let me know if you can bring something, or sign-up at: Combined, we will be feeding over 200 kids, so all goodies are appreciated!
  2. Crazy hats and costumes! Don’t forget to wear something zany to practice tomorrow! The coaches will be dressed up! What can YOU come up with?
  3. SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT: Please remember to sign-in AND sign-out your child!! (As a reminder, sign-out occurs by grade level, at the fluorescent K-1, 2, 3-4, and 5-8 grade signs.)
  4. Our home race, The Silver Fox Trot, is this Saturday, February 14, at Garipay. This is a perfect race for our group and is tons of fun for families. If your skier isn’t excited to race, come watch and cheer for friends! Please register now so our organizers can be organized. Same day registrations are allowed, but make the race day a bit more chaotic.
  5. Parents, sign up for the Silver Fox Citizen’s Race! You certainly don’t have to be a ski racer to participate! The race starts after the BKL awards and is a great, low-key race and a fun way to show your children that you, too, are willing to take the risk to participate. Last year we had lots of families join in!

Aricca,, 603-715-7233

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