Practice Plan for Tuesday, 2-10-15

Information for the 2&3 Day Program:

There is a lot here, we know, but it all needs sayin’…

Location:   Garipay
Time: 3:30-5:00
Technique:  skate
Wax Recommendation:  If you are glide waxing tonight, which is always good for the skis, use ch7 or ch8
Upcoming Race:  The Silver Fox Trot – our home race takes place Saturday at Garipay! Go to SkiReg to register and to the SFT page on our site for details and schedules. Parents, don’t forget the citizen’s race! Low key, great exercise, lots of fun! Please register early to help us organize!


  1. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SNOW!? We are loving it! The Kids and coaches alike have been reveling on the trails and in the powder and smiles abound! We’ll all have snacks tomorrow with the One Day program at Garipay to celebrate the awesomeness that is nordic skiing. Please let Tracy Zuckerman know if you can bring something to help by emailing her at We will be feeding over 200 kids, so all goodies are appreciated.
  2. Crazy hats and costumes! Don’t forget to wear something zany to practice tomorrow! You know the coaches will be dressed up! What can YOU come up with?
  3. Our home race, The Silver Fox Trot, is this coming Saturday, February 14, at Garipay.  This is a perfect race for our group and is tons of fun for families. If your skier isn’t psyched to race, come watch and cheer for friends! Please register now so our organizers can be organized. Same day registrations are allowed, but make the race day a bit more chaotic.
  4. Parents, sign up for the Silver Fox Citizen’s Race! You certainly don’t have to be a ski racer to participate! The race starts after the BKL awards and is a great, low-key race and a fun way to show your children that you, too, are willing to take the risk to participate. Last year we had lots of families join in (and some seriously funky race tights, too!). We’ll be there – will you?!
  5. We’ve just been informed that the Sweetheart races in Woodstock that were planned for this Sunday, Feb 15, have been cancelled. We’re hoping to see our Woodstock friends here on Saturday.
  6. A note from Heather Rowland, Food Table Guru for the Silver Fox BKL Race:

Hello All,

A tradition at the Silver Fox Trot is for our team to provide food and drinks for all of the participants to enjoy after their races.  To make this happen, we’d love for all the families to contribute something and here’s the plan for an assortment of treats.

If your last name begins with:

A through H – please bring baked goods (muffins, cookies, breads, etc.). There will be no plates or utensils. If bringing breads or bar cookies, pre-cut would be preferable.

I through S – please bring drinks (juice, cider or water) and/or paper hot beverage cups to match. A large of cooler of water will be provided.

T through Z – please bring fruit (apples, sliced oranges, bananas, grapes etc).

If anyone would like to help with the food tables on the day of the race, please contact Heather Rowland at or call 603 277-9746. It would be good to have at least one adult there throughout the day to monitor the tables, clean up spills and to help with setup and cleanup. If 2-4 people volunteer, it should make it easy to rotate folks in and out and enable you to see your children race.

All contributions are greatly appreciated!!

See you at the Silver Fox Trot!

Heather Rowland



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