Logistics: Crazy Costumes, Snacks, 5:00 End of Practice

Hello 1-day a week BKL families!

A few announcements to share:

  1. 5:00 End of Practice: The days are getting longer and the snow is dreamy, so from here until the end of the season, our 1-day a week BKL skiers will practice from 3:30 until 5:00!
  2. SNOW and SNACKS! We are trying AGAIN!  A combined 1 & 2 day program snack celebration is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, 2/10 after practice.  There will be hot cocoa and yummy treats.  We hope that you will bring food to share (homemade or store-bought) & join the festivities. We will have over 200 kids! Please e-mail me if you plan to contribute, or sign-up to bring something at: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0E4DADAF23A1FE3-bklsnack3/
  3. Costumes and crazy hats! Both programs will be skiing at Garipay on Tuesday and it should be a blast. To get psyched for the Silver Fox Trot races, we are inviting coaches and skiers to come clad in zany costumes and/or crazy hats. Crack open your costume box, pull out a tutu, your magician’s hat – whatever, and get ready for some fun!
  4. Join our Facebook community: We’ve posted a few pictures to the Ford Sayre Facebook page – and hope to add more after the coming practices. Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/FordSayre
  5. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered some of your day on Saturday, February 14, to help with the Silver Fox Trot at Garipay fields. We appreciate your willingness to help. Unlike a soccer or a basketball game, ski races are major events and require months of planning and multitudes of volunteers. Please remember that we hope every family will can participate in the Silver Fox Trot in some fashion. Even if your child does not race, please reach out to Lou Bregou at lou@flume.net, our race director, and offer your help. Helping at the Silver Fox Trot is a fantastic way to see some fun skiing, the whole family can be on skis, and you can feel good about giving back.
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