Supporting the Glueck Family

Dear Friends and Fellow Skiers,

Greetings from Boston where the snowbanks are high and the kids have forgotten that they actually go to school since it is cancelled so much.

As many of you are aware, Sarah Glueck fell while skiing last Friday and broke her leg. She has been in Boston for the past number of days for surgery. She looks great and is in good spirits after a successful surgery yesterday and is looking forward to going home as soon as she is comfortable to withstand the journey and the roads are safe to travel.  Dave and Cindy are a bit weary but moving through this adventure with the resilience and positive attitude that we all know and love about them.  Sarah will have some time needed to recover and some constant attention needed.  She will have physical therapy and some needed patience to get back to her usual steam but is expected to make a full recovery.  No doubt, we will see her winning races before we know it.

Given the strain this is to any family, let alone this superhuman one, many folks have wanted to help.  Jen Frost has stepped forward to coordinate the effort.   If you are interested in further family updates and/or wish to help bring dinner or assist in other tasks for this amazing family, please contact her-  Of note, given Cindy’s particular health issues it is very important that ill individuals (fevers, coughs, colds, diarrhea, vomiting or general wierdness) stay away from their house Cindy will be exposed to enough just from her family and we all want her to stay healthy at this important time.

Also, many have appropriately wondered why Sarah needed to travel to Boston given the medical resources in Hanover.  She had a particular repair needed and the specially trained surgeon who normally performs this procedure happened to be out of town.  The physician on call felt it was prudent to send her Boston.  We are all grateful that Sarah sailed through this procedure and hope she continues to sail through the recovery.

Cindy and Dave feel enormously fortunate for all the support from their community.  Thank you for all!

Ann Celi Kitch (EMBK/CSU)

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