Practice Plan for Tuesday, 1-13-15 and Other Details

Information for the 2 & 3 Day Program:

Location:  Oak Hill
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Skate
Wax Recommendation: basic glide wax – use what you have on
Upcoming Race: No supported race this weekend.


  1. It’s snowing! YAY!
  2. It will be COLD tomorrow, so please come prepared. Gloves tend to be a curse on really cold days; try lobster gloves or mittens and plenty of layers. Toe warmers are great, too.
  3. Thanks to those of you who completed our survey. We had 30% participation, which we’re pretty psyched about! We’re glad to report that folks seem really happy about the sense of community engendered in our club, the coaching crew and the way we communicate and organize our club. We’re so glad those things are working for you. We’ll work on improving the connection between coaching faces and coaching names so kids know the names of their coaches. Now that we are on snow, groups and coaches will soon become more consistent which will help with this as well. In addition, don’t forget that our coaches’ faces, names and bios are on our site here. Ask your child to show you who s/he has been working with.
  4. The Bobgurn race on Saturday was a blast! We had 37 racers attend! The course was tricky with a crunchy, icy trail and not a lot of track, but the day was terrific. Congratulations to those who made this their first race ever! Huge thanks to the waxing crew who managed to get everyone’s skis klistered and ready to go. This was not an easy task and they did it with smiles on their faces. Thanks to the racers and families for their great sportsmanship regarding the detour many 7/8s took. Times like these teach kids to see the sport for what it is – a way to get out and have a good time challenging themselves in the woods. It’s always a learning experience and the Bogburn is the perfect site for learning good lessons.
  5. Ford Sayre car magnets are available for new families. I have them in my car. Please feel free to come ask me for one. They are free:)


Ashley and Peter

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