Final Race Details for Bogburn

Message from Head Coach, Jay Davis:

Hello race families.

Report from the course, from our very own coach Hilary, is that the Bogburn trails are in excellent condition, and that we will not be needing klister. ¬†Music to this, and many other, coach’s ears. ūüôā

For tonight, check the RACE DOC for all needed info. ¬†As it says,¬†please lightly sand (100¬†grit would be perfect, or higher) the kick zones to help wax adhere¬†tomorrow. ¬†For glide wax on the tips and tails,¬†CH5 or LF5, or CH4 if you don’t have 5.

And please do make sure to be at the race with enough time to get your skis to the waxing area at the time indicated on the google doc in your child’s¬†age group area. ¬†That will mean arriving at the parking lot¬†by¬†8:50¬†for younger kids, and right around¬†9:00¬†for older ones.

It will be a delightful day out there.  Have the kids bundled warmly in layers so they can peel for the race and be warm before and after.  If you have any questions about the race, feel free to call me at 603-795-2779 tonight.



For directions, google map 105 Skyline Drive, North Pomfret, VT

Also, if anyone would like to carpool, please contact Melissa Herron, mother of Miriam. and phones: 603-643-4785 (home) 603-359-5052 (cell).  Thanks!

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