Notes for Bogburn Racers

Hello parents of kids racing at the Bogburn,

We are committed this year to preparing families as best we can for the flow of race days.  Please look carefully at this Google Link, as it has the information that we think will help you plan, and help us best serve the race-day needs of the kids.

Couple of other things to know now:

Waxing the Night Before:

We will send out information about waxing Friday around 6:00PM, after their race director posts the snow conditions. (Conditions are very good now, but we would also love the couple of inches of powder that is predicted there today!) There is a chance we will need to put a binder or klister layer on the skis, which some of you may feel comfortable enough to do at home  the night before, thereby decreasing the number we do the morning of the race.  You will all want to glide wax the tips and tails, and that wax recommendation is already on the Race Document.

Timing of the Pre-Race Events:

We would like you to drop off your kids’ race skis at the wax area (obvious when you arrive, near the starting line) at the latest ​by the time listed on the Race Document.  You can then take the kids in to pick up their bibs, stay warm for a few minutes, then head out to pick up their skis in time for the course preview.

Important:  If the conditions report we get changes the schedule, we will include that information in the waxing email we send today around 6:00.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we very much look forward to our first race of the season!


Jay, on behalf of the coaching team

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