Practice Plan: One-day Program – Tuesday, January 13

Hello 1-day a week BKL families,

Tomorrow promises to be chilly, but we have snow and sunlight and are set to have fun!

Please remember, we consider the 1-day program as an introduction to skiing – and you should consider participation in all practices as optional. We love to see your children, but if you are concerned that they will be too cold tomorrow – we understand and will look forward to seeing your child on a warmer day!

Location: Garipay Field
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic


  1. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Temps are predicted at 10 F. Warm kids are happy kids, so PLEASE send your children dressed in non-cotton layers and make sure they have dry, warm, non-cotton socks (e.g. SmartWool). Consider giving them toe warmers in their boots and hand warmers in their mittens, and you can put lotion on their faces to prevent them from getting chapped cheeks. We’ll have hot chocolate to warm them back up after practice, but please be on time for pick up at 4:30.
  2. DID YOUR CHILD GET HIS/HER BUFF? Now is the perfect time for your child to wear his or her new Ford Sayre buff!!! If your child has not yet received his or her buff, please pick it up from the box at the white table. … And, then put it on your child before practice (either around their neck – or their neck and head). (They are really versatile, warm, and useful!!!)
  3. VOLUNTEER! We need you! The Silver Fox Trot, our “home” race, is coming up on February 14, on Garipay Fields in Hanover. We often have over 200 kids as well as adults racing that day and we need all the volunteers we can get. If your child is racing, come help! If your child isn’t racing, come help and have your child watch. It is a great venue for spectators on and off skis. Go to this google form to sign up. Our goal is to get as many families participating as possible. And really, you don’t have to know anything about ski racing! You can volunteer to help with the BKL races (kids K-8th grades) or with the Eastern Cup Race at Oak Hill (ages 9th grade – masters).
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