Practice Plan: Thursday, December 4, 2014


  1. What an amazing sight to see all 200 kids, ages 5-13, out there on the “snow” yesterday! There was some seriously good mojo out there. Thanks to all for being so careful in the parking lot!
  2. It is great when kids arrive at practice on time. Our coaches head out promptly in an effort to keep kids warm and use the hour effectively. If your child arrives late, there is no guarantee we will be able to help him/her find his/her group, though we always do our best!
  3. On really cold days, it is helpful to have kids arrive with an extra, warm layer – parka, puff jacket- on top of their regular ski outfit. This will help them stay warm until practice starts.
  4. For families new to skiing, take a look at the waxing information below today’s grid from Jay Davis.
  5. We will have a lost and found box for the program this year. It will generally be on the porch at the Oak Hill cabin (or in the back of Ashley’s car). If your child forgets something, s/he can look in the box. We prefer not to have our coaches be responsible for kids’ clothing, so coaches will place anything they find in the lost and found box.
  6. Don’t forget to keep track of the kilometers you are skiing this season! Go to this link to learn about our Ski for K’s program and download the tracking form.  This motivates some skiers and doesn’t make a difference to others. Do what works for your child.
  7. Garipay is the location for tomorrow. Again, if Fullington Field looks great in the morning, we may change our location. Please check the website in the morning. We will post no later than 7am. It will be skate skiing regardless.
Location: Garipay
Time:  3:30-4:30
Technique:   skating
Wax Recommendation:  CH8 glide wax
Upcoming Race:  NA

Wax info from Jay:

Hello all,

As we begin the season, a quick word on waxing. There is a wealth of information about waxing on the FS website (along with a whole lot of other useful information), enough to satisfy even the most inquisitive mind.

My very quick overview targeted to new families is as follows, using some of the info from the website:

1. Classic skis (that aren`t no-wax with scales on the bottom) need kick wax in the middle of the ski , from the back of the binding to several inches in front of the binding, to provide “kick” when the skier takes a stride and pushes off against the snow.  Glide wax on the tip and tail of the ski then provides more glide than if the base is ”dry.”
2.  Skate skis need glide wax along the entire bottom of the ski to provide a smooth surface upon which the skier glides from side to side.
3.  While glide wax is a wonderful thing (both for speed AND importantly for protection of the base) for classic and skate skiing, it is not something that needs to happen before every practice.  The more you do it the better, but it is not essential and in the reality of family life usually not happen on a daily basis.  (Doing just your skis all winter and not your kids’ will be a good way to try and keep up with them.)

4.  We will have recommendations for kick wax (critical if your child is not using no-wax skis and it is a classic day) and for glide wax (not critical, but very good to learn eventually) ​on the website each evening before practice.

5.  The critical component is showing up with skis, boots and poles, and a sense of humor and excitement to ski.  (Oh, and a hat. 🙂 Too many kids did not have hats on yesterday and it was cold!)

Let it snow, and please do check out the website and then ask your lead coaches questions.  We are here to help and to try and make your transition to the ski world as welcoming as possible.



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