First day of practice – a success!

We had a great kick-off for the season this afternoon, and I am still marveling that we had so many kids try out their skis on only an inch of snow, and start to form relationships with their teammates and coaches!

We couldn’t have done it without the support of a really BIG group of volunteers – from the seasoned Ford Sayre volunteers to those that are new this year! THANK YOU! Please do take a chance to get to know your children’s coaching team and our other volunteers – they are really a fun and energetic group – and their primary goal is to make sure that your children have fun (while learning proper ski technique)!

A few housekeeping items:

  • Lost and Found: We had two items show up in our lost and found tonight: a bracelet (if you lost one, please e-mail me a description so that I can find its owner) and a child’s book called “Hug Time”.
  • Ski equipment: If your child is still looking for ski equipment, here are a few options. Please ask me for help if you continue to struggle with this.
    1. Thetford Ski & Skate Consignment Sale: December 7th from 12:30-2:00 at the Thetford Elementary School.
    2. NENSA Lease package: ~$60 plus shipping. (They have a very limited supply of skis left – and please note that the sizes of the waxless skis end in a “0”).
    3. Nordic Barn (Stowe, VT) Lease package: ~$79 for beginning skiers. Ph: 802-253-6433;
    4. Middlebury Mountaineer (Middlebury, VT) Lease package: ~ $90 for beginning skiers. 802-388-7245;
    5. If you want to purchase, check out: Omer and Bob’s in Lebanon; Golf and Ski Center, EMS, or LLBean in West Lebanon; Nordic Skater in Norwich; S&W Sports in Concord – or one of the many online ski retailers.
  • E-mails now coming through our Ford Sayre website: In an effort to simplify your lives (and ours), we are changing our communication system. You’re receiving this email through our website. All emails, current and past, will be posted and archived on the site so you can reference them at any time. We also encourage you to USE the site to answer your questions. Check out the menu at the left side of the Nordic, BKL One Day tab. Many of your questions are answered right there.
    • Before every practice, you’ll receive an email showing location, time, technique, and upcoming events – and listing important notes. It should show up on your phone looking the same way, so on strange weather days you can check it on your way to practice to see if anything has changed.
    • We rarely cancel practice. However, IF PRACTICE IS CANCELLED, it will be posted on the site in this location. The notice should also come to you as an email, but you should always check the site if you aren’t sure since the site will be real time.

Please continue to reach out to me with questions and comments. I want to hear about what is working well, what could be improved, and what is still confusing!

Thanks – and we all hope that your children had fun this afternoon!



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