Wrap-up & End of Year Survey: 1-day Program

Dear 1-day a week families,


On behalf of our coaching team, thank you for a wonderful season! It was a pleasure to spend time outdoors with your children this year and to welcome so many new families to the Ford Sayre nordic community! Your children brought so much positive energy to our program!

Thank you to the MANY volunteers that made our 1-day program so special. In particular, I want to thank my other lead coaches (Tracy, Kirsten, Susan, and Helena), our 35 assistant coaches, and the many volunteers who helped with sign-in, KAST, snacks, hot chocolate, and other activities! This program is not possible without the support of these parents and community members!


END OF THE YEAR SURVEY – We need your feedback!

We want to hear about your delights, your disappointments, and your suggestions for making things better. We will use your feedback to set our goals for next season and to understand how to improve our program. We challenge you to help us achieve at least 80% participation in our survey!  Click HERE to complete our end of the year survey!!! 

What does it take?

  • The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete!
  • Survey responses are anonymous (unless you want to add your name so we can follow-up) and will be summarized by the Chair of the Ford Sayre Nordic Committee, Margaret Rightmire.
  • So, please do it now! It is easy, and we WILL USE your input to strengthen the program. Help us out by clicking here or on the link above! Thank you!


WHAT’S NEXT? Aside from a few survey reminders and special notices, regular e-mail communication will resume in early fall as we close in on ski swaps and the opening of the 2016-2017 program registration.  Thank you again for a fantastic season on the snow and on the grass! We hope you’ll join us again next year.

Aricca Van Citters; bkl.one.day@fordsayre.org603-715-7233

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