2016 BKL Festival Information


Please take the time to read this email.

We are at a total of 54 CVET skiers heading to the Festival: 47 Ford Sayre, 2 Mt Top, 5 Woodstock. It should be great. 3 FS kids are lollipoppers and 4 are grades 1/2, which means our kids don’t know them well. Please chat with your skiers about being really welcoming and supportive of the little guys as well as the Woodstock/Mt Top folks.


For emails, phone numbers, and who-is-staying-where (and to remember what you agreed to bring for food) go here.


Go here to see course preview timing, coaches, race timing, glide waxing info, etc for the race days. Please make sure to volunteer to help with some aspect of the day.


Both pairs of skis should be marked with tape: name of skier, grade level group ie: Carly Milliken, 7/8. If you have an extra pair of skis (rock skis/waxless skis/etc), please bring them in case your child’s skis are being waxed during the course preview.

The Festival has a low fluoro policy this year! That means all waxes must be LF or CH. No HF products of any kind are to be used for the festival. Hurrah for this!

Classic Skis: 1st-4th graders: please prepare with LF or CH7 glide wax on tips and tails. Coaches will apply kick wax on race day. 5th-8th graders: LF or CH8

Skate Skis: 1st-4th graders: Please prepare with LF or CH7 glide wax at home. 5th-8th graders: LF or CH8. If necessary, coaches will touch them up on race day.


We will have a “waxing” room at the Royalty Inn in Gorham. When Tracy Walsh brings our bags back from her meeting, we will lay them out in the waxing room. They should be there by 8pm and we will close that room up by 9:00/9:30. If you don’t get your bag that night, we will have it at the venue on Saturday morning.


Matt Rightmire is organizing a group meal in Gorham, NH, on Friday evening starting at 6:30PM for those that will be in town then.  If you are interested in joining the fun, please reach out to Matt (mgrightmire@yahoo.com) and let him know how many you are.  Venue?  We’re aiming for Mountain Fire Pizza.


Only 10 folks signed up for breakfast so the folks at Welch’s said just come on over if you want to. If you go before 7, it is a regular menu. After 7 is a buffet and will be crowed with other groups. There are some other spots in Gorham that look like they have good options as well. On your own, basically.


The theme for this year is “White Mountain Magic” (think wizards and witches and Harry Potter). We did some work with the kids at practice today, but parents and kids are welcome to improvise on their own!

Should be excellent!

Ashley and Peter

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