Race Plan for Saturday 2-27-16 and a Few Items


Hello all,

In this winter of ever-shifting plans, our current best guess for this weekend is that we will be going to the Woodstock Sweetheart race that was originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day.  It is now going to be this Saturday at the base of Suicide Six alpine area, on a  .5K loop that is all manmade snow and can be counted on to still be there.

They are stressing that it will be a very informal race, and it should be a great chance for kids to remember what it is like to put a bib on (or to try it for the first time!).  It will be a particularly good opportunity for kids going to the Festival  to get a race in ahead of time.  

The general format will be mass start, multiple loop races, starting at 11:00 with each age group going off as soon as the previous one has finished.   Should be a pretty efficient day time-wise, and great fun for spectators and racers alike. (It will be one of the few races in a season where it is all visible from the start/finish line!)

More details tomorrow when the race organizers confirm the plan — it will all be day-of-race registration, so no need to do anything now.


Jay and Heidi


The Festival is a highlight of our season, an event that celebrates the spirit of winter and the fun of skiing.  With competitive and non-competitive events, it is appropriate for ALL of our skiers.  This season, more than ever, we encourage your family to consider attending with your skier(s), both to support the sport of xc skiing and to support the host venue of the races.  As anyone who has attended previously will attest, the Festival embodies so much of what we promote in our program.  Our experienced coaches are ready to support all of our skiers, whether they are racing for the first time ever, are Festival veterans, or are interested in non-competitive participation.
We have 30 racers registered for the weekend already! Awesome! Please be sure to note that the final registration deadline for the BKL Festival is this SATURDAY at 5:00 PM. Go here to register. When you register, please note that our district is CVET (Central Vermont).
Remember, too, to add your contact information to our Festival planning document.
And sign up to help us a volunteer here or as a volunteer for the Festival in general here.

Thanks to Jay Davis for sharing this link to Jessie Diggins’ blog. In the following blog post, Jessie not only talks about what it is like to place second in the world, but also demonstrates remarkable graciousness towards her waxers and coaches, and an infectious enthusiasm for so many things in racing and skiing that have nothing to do with race results. We strongly recommend the post to you and your children. Her sentiments teach lessons about skiing, other sports and life in general.




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