Plan for Tuesday 1/26/16 – 1-day a week program


Location:  Garipay Fields (9 Reservoir Road, Hanover)
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic (No poles for children in grades K-1)
Forecast:  High 30s.
Upcoming Events Mountain Top Paintball Biathlon at the Mt. Top Resort in Chittenden, VT, Sunday 1-31-16. Pre-register on SkiReg.



If you have a few minutes to spare at the beginning or end of practice, please help us with grade-level sign-in/out or hot chocolate. SIGN-UP TO VOLUNTEER HERE!



At the end of practice, we will have snacks. It’s a fun time for kids and parents to socialize after practice. We will have a table set-up and provide drinks (hot chocolate, lemonade), Oreos, and Chips Ahoy.

We are asking families to please bring something to share (homemade or store-bought).  Anything snackable is welcome – cookies, chips, fruit. You may drop-off your contribution at 3:30pm, or bring it to the party at around 4:20 and join us for nibbles and socializing!



One of our coaches lost her daughter’s 120 cm black and yellow Fisher waxless skis at the end of practice last week. She left them near the K/1 table. If they accidentally ended up at your home, please let me know and I can connect you to their owner (the skis are labeled B. Pekala).



If your child is new to the nordic program and didn’t get a buff last week (Jan. 19), please stop by the K/1 table and get one (Fleece for K/1s; fabric for 2nd grade and higher)!


PAINTBALL BIATHLON: 1/31/16 at Mountain Top Resort in Chittenden, VT 

Ford Sayre coaches (across the 1, 2, and 3-day a week BKL programs) support children in a variety of races throughout the winter. While we will tell you about upcoming races, you and your child can decide whether to participate. Racing can be exciting for many kids, but others may not be interested. With that said, the Mountain Top Paintball Biathlon race is a Ford Sayre favorite, is about an hour away, and many kids love the combination of skiing and shooting a paintball gun!  If you are interested, sign up on SkiReg and send me a note so I can make sure you get additional race information from our Ford Sayre crew.


Aricca,, Cell: (603) 715-7233

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