Race Info for Mansield Duathlon at Craftsbury 1-24-16

Hello parents, and happy winter!

What a delight to have snow and seasonally cold weather — your kids have been a pleasure to work with, and we know they are excited to actually be on snow.

For those going to the Craftsbury Duathlon, please read the information below carefully.

Race Info:

As many of you know, the Duathlon format will have the kids skiing one loop of classic, then changing skis and skating that loop again. (Using their skating poles for both loops.) It is a really fun format, and kids have had a great time over the years. They will need two pairs of skis to enjoy the format — if your son/daughter has only combi skis available, please let us know.

Race Info Sheet:
Before each race, we will be sending out a google doc with information and sign-up spots. It has critical information about timing for arrival, course preview, etc., and also place (in yellow) for you to sign your child up so we know they are coming, and place to sign up if you would like to volunteer in one of a couple different positions. (“Cheering happily” is a position that you don’t need to sign up for.) Please do make sure to sign your skier up, as it helps enormously with planning.

As has been sent out before, here is the link for pre-registration which is both cheaper and also nicer for the race organizers.

Also, Mansfield Nordic Club has asked if anyone would be interested in volunteering in the Finish Zone?  They are looking for a few more folks to help with timing at the morning races (meet at 10:20am) and also the afternoon races (meet at 1pm). Please add your name to the google spreadsheet above in the “timing help” category. We send lots of racers to this race and it would be wonderful if we could help them out!

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to see many of you up there!
Jay Davis and Heidi Lange
BKL Head Coaches


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