Plan for Tuesday, 1/19/16 – 1-day a week program


Location:  Garipay Fields (9 Reservoir Road, Hanover)
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic (No poles for children in grades K-1)
Forecast:  Teens and WINDY. Please remember, we consider the 1-day program as an introduction to skiing. If you are concerned that your child will be too cold, we respect your decision and will look forward to seeing your child on a warmer day!


If you have a few minutes to spare at the beginning or end of practice, please help us with hot chocolate or grade-level sign-in/out. SIGN-UP TO VOLUNTEER HERE!



Dress appropriately! Warm kids are happy kids. With the predicted cold and windy weather, PLEASE send your children dressed in non-cotton layers and make sure they have dry, warm, non-cotton socks (e.g. SmartWool). To add extra warmth, consider toe warmers in their boots and hand warmers in their mittens. You can even add lotion on their faces to prevent them from getting chapped cheeks. (Please note, while we hate to turn away children, all children must be dressed appropriately for spending at least an hour outside.)

Ford Sayre Buffs are back! We want each of our 1-day a week BKL participants to have a buff this winter! If your child is new to the program, please be sure they come home with a buff on Tuesday!  We’ll also have extras on hand for those children who were in the program last year, but may have misplaced their buffs.

Still no poles for Kindergarten and 1st grade skiers:  Thanks for your understanding; this really helps them learn to ski!

Please let a coach know if your child is having a problem with their equipment (e.g., boots that fall off; skis that don’t grip the snow; etc.). We do our best to catch and correct these problems early.



Bathrooms: Please make sure that your child has gone to the bathroom before practice starts. If needed, there is a Port-a-pot at the South end of the Garipay parking lot.

Sign-in: Please remember, all K/1 and 2nd grade students should be signed-in and out of practice by a parent. Children in 3rd or higher grades can sign themselves in, however our coaches still need a verbal or visual verification that their parent/guardian is present at sign-out.  

Label your equipment! Please put your name on all of your ski equipment. (I will have some duct tape and permanent markers at the K/1 table if you need to borrow some.)

Lost and Found: We will have a small lost and found bucket by the K/1 check-in area. Please place any lost items in this bucket, and search the bucket if you are missing something.



Reach out to us! We’re here to field your questions and receive your comments. Let us know if we can help!  Aricca,, Cell: (603) 715-7233

Note: If you wish to add someone to our e-mail list-serv, please subscribe them here.  If you wish to be removed from this list-serv, please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this message. 

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