Plan for Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Location:   Richmond Middle School Room 708
Time:  3:30-4:30
Technique:  OPTIONAL gear/wax Q&A for parents and skiers with coaches present
Wax Recommendation:  NA
Upcoming Event/Race: Sat, Jan 9: The Bogburn Classic – later this week we will let you know if it is on or not



Our Head Coaches have been out testing a variety of ski locations and have concluded that it is unwise to hold practice tomorrow. The areas that still have snow have frozen up into what we lovingly call “boiler plate,” and the resultant ice crust is not safe for kids that are going to be generating some speed on their skis.  (The One Day program will have practice, as they have mainly younger kids who will all be on no-wax skis, getting used to the feel on their feet in the little bit of tracks that are set there.)

Instead, glass-half-full, please feel free to take this unexpected opportunity to come meet your children’s coaches and ask questions about ski gear or waxing. This is fully OPTIONAL. We will meet at RMS in room 708. Please leave winter boots in the RMS entry way. From the main doors, go straight, then through a slight zig-zag in the hall, and look for the room on the right. Bring skis, poles, boots, whatever, and we can help you figure out what you don’t know. Some ideas:

  1. Pole strap check/adjustment (this is more important that you can imagine)
  2. Kick zone measurement (paper test)
  3. Ski/boot sizing check
  4. Waxing help

Please do NOT send you child unattended. This is a chance for parents and children to have questions answered. If you and your child cannot come/do not have questions, please make other arrangements after school tomorrow.


The forecast for Thursday is for warmer temps which would suggest that we might be able to get a good day of skiing on Garipay that day, so we will look forward to that possibility! Look for the plan in Wednesday’s post by 6pm.


This Friday marks the first day for our 3-Day program. If your 5th-8th grader is registered to ski 3 days each week, we will see them this Friday. Look for a post with details on Thursday evening.


Open to all. Thursday, January 7, at 7:00pm in the offices of Tuckerman Capital, bottom floor of the Mascoma Bank building on Main St, Hanover. Interested in the long-term health of our program? Come join us!


While racing is not a choice all of our skiers make, we do encourage kids to give it a shot. Many kids discover that they love the experience and we work hard to focus on the process, not the results.

Our first race is supposed to be this Saturday. As you can imagine, the conditions are making it highly unlikely, but we will keep you posted. The Thursday before each race we always send an email/post describing our plan for the race, reminding folks to register kids, and asking folks to sign kids up on a Google doc racing list. Once you see the email, if your child is new to racing and wants to participate, please let his/her Lead Coach know or email Heidi and Jay, our Head Coaches, at so we can make sure to support your child and your family through the racing process. If your child is not interested in racing, no worries. Just delete the email when you see it.


Ashley & Peter

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