Practice Plan – 1/5/16 – 1-day a week program


Location:  Garipay Fields (9 Reservoir Road, Hanover – Meet at East side of parking lot)
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic (No poles for children in grades K-1)
Forecast:  Teens to low 20s, with some wind.



Change in location! Now that we have snow, please pay special attention to the “Location” of practice, as it may change by the week. Garipay Field now has enough snow to ski – and we’ll take advantage of every inch we can. Please be patient with us as we become familiar with a new check-in routine. K/1s will meet closest to the entrance, followed by 2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, and 5th-8th grade.

No poles for Kindergarten – 1st grade! Younger children should leave their poles behind for our first on-snow practices. Why? Children tend to learn balance, coordination, and technique best when they aren’t hampered by their poles. We’ll let you know when they are ready for poles. (Note: Children in 2nd grade and higher should bring their poles.)

Label your equipment! Please put your name on all of your ski equipment. (I will have some duct tape and permanent markers at the K/1 table if you need to borrow some.)



Thank you to the enormous group of volunteers that are already making this program a success! As you know, our 1-day a week program is entirely volunteer run and staffed – and we would love to have your help!  I’ve consolidated our volunteer sign-up forms for help with hot chocolate and sign-in/out, and you can access them here! If you want to join us out on the snow, please send me an e-mail at



Bathrooms: Please make sure that your child has gone to the bathroom before practice starts. If needed, there is a Port-a-pot at the South end of the Garipay parking lot.

Clothing: Time for waterproof outer layers (on top and bottom), mittens, hats, ski boots – and a buff or scarf if it is really cold.  See our What to Wear When you Ski page for more information. (Please note, while we hate to turn away children, all children must be dressed appropriately for spending at least an hour outside.)

Sign-in: Please remember, all K/1 and 2nd grade students should be signed-in and out of practice by a parent. Children in 3rd or higher grades can sign themselves in, however our coaches still need a verbal or visual verification that their parent/guardian is present at sign-out.  

Lost and Found: We will have a small lost and found bucket by the K/1 check-in area. Please place any lost items in this bucket, and search the bucket if you are missing something.

Practice starts promptly at 3:30! Our coaches plan to leave the check-in area by 3:30. While we will try to accommodate late children, we cannot guarantee that your child can participate in practice if they arrive after 3:30. Likewise, please be ready to pick up your child by 4:30! It makes many children uncomfortable to return from practice and not see their parents – and it prevents our volunteers from returning home to their own children. 



Reach out to us! We’re here to field your questions and receive your comments. Let us know if we can help!  Aricca,, Cell: (603) 715-7233

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