Got Gear?

Omer and Bob’s Team Night is coming up on October 5, 6:30-8:30. In our house that means a certain amount of panic and chaos with kids trying on old gear, pulling out dusty skis and poles, and taking count of what we have and what we need. If you are doing that too, read on and let everyone know what you have to offer on the used gear exchange.


We have a very good and easy-to-use system for selling/buying used gear. Let’s all use it! I experimented just now and put up 8┬áitems. It took me about 30 minutes┬áincluding the addition of photos.

Go here to see what is available and to post your own stuff:

Note: make sure to change the expiration date to a later date so you don’t have to repost before the holidays. I set ours for Dec 31. Once you post, the system will send you an email with a code that you have to plug in and then your post goes up.

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