Practice is CANCELLED for Tuesday, 1-27-15

Information for the 2&3 Day Program:

Location:  NA
Time: NA
Technique: NA
Wax Recommendation:  NA
Upcoming Race: The world famous, Ford-Sayre-favorite Mt Top Paintball Biathlon take place this Sunday, February 1! Go here or here for information and here to register. We will post our race organization doc on Thursday.


  1. The Hanover school system has cancelled school tomorrow, so our practice will be cancelled.  You can go here for Hanover School System cancellations.  This is a Ford Sayre policy. Of course, you are welcome to frolic on your skis on your own in the new snow – we just can’t officially provide the coaching.
  2. What an AMAZING day we all had at Craftsbury for the Mansfield Duathlon! Over 30 of our skiers raced as well as many BKL alumni, coaches and parents. Despite the cold, there were lots of smiles, and families enjoyed the fantastic trails on their own before and after the races. Many thanks to our coaches, some of whom don’t have children in the program and some who attend races even when their children don’t race. We also send applause to the impressive waxing crew that is comprised of parents and coaches. It is the commitment of these volunteers that makes our program wonderful. Go team!
  3. Come support the Hanover High School jumping team this Wednesday, at 6:00pm (in the dark!) at the NH High School Ski Jumping competition. It takes place at Oak Hill. If you are curious about the sport or just want a thrill, go check it out. For more details, go to our Community events page.
  4. There will also be a Ford Sayre jumping meet at Oak Hill this Saturday at 10:00. Come watch some of our FS skiers fly through the air on enormous skis!
  5. We have had notice of many exciting upcoming events. Too many to list here. Please go to the Community Events page to see more details (to be posted soon)- note the Tiki Torch Trek in Hartland on Feb 7. It is fun, family friendly, mellow event!
  6. Dennis reminded me that biathlon fans should check out this site for video clips!
  7. Have fun in the snow tomorrow!


Ashley and Peter


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