Practice Plan for Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WAXLESS SKIS WILL BE BEST FOR TOMORROW, but if you don’t have them, read about wax below…

Location: Garipay
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique:  Classic
Kick Wax Recommendation:  Swix special red/red or purple
Upcoming Race:  NA


  1. There is likelihood of a snow day tomorrow.  If there is a snow day, WE WILL NOT HAVE PRACTICE. This is a regular policy for FS. If there IS school, but we have to cancel practice, it will be posted at local schools and on this site by noon.
  2. Coaches will be on hand to help with kick wax tomorrow since it is the first day for classic skiing and the conditions will make waxing challenging. If you DO know how to wax skis, please arrive with skis waxed and perhaps look around to see who you might help out in the parking lot!:)
  3. We will NOT have snacks tomorrow as the weather forecast is nasty. We will let you know when we will do snacks again. Rain and cookies don’t go very well together!
  4. Our groups will meet tomorrow on the RIGHT as you drive  in to Garipay. As you look at the ski area, look for our colored signs to the right along Reservoir road (across from mini coop). We are going to try to ski and play with the younger one-day kids before practice.
  5. Mike Silverman from Dartmouth will be present at GARIPAY at practice time tomorrow to pass out Dartmouth ski passes for families who have purchased them. He will be at GARIPAY from 3:15-4:45 – bring check if you have not purchased a pass yet.
  6. If you are still interested in joining our gang of Ford Sayre families for some skiing at Mt St Anne (north of Quebec) after Christmas for some awesome skiing, we just received an email from a family from Putney Ski Club that still has room in a house they are renting that is RIGHT on the trails. The letter is below.  As it is, there are 17 families heading up on Dec 27! Join in the fun!

Thanks and hoping to see you all tomorrow! Think snow!

Ashley and Peter

From Mark Tarmy, Putney:

We are renting  a house at Chalet Montmorency:    It is in a prime location in Chalet Morency’s main compound and is on the edge of the ski trails sort of across the street from the swimming pool. It has 6 Bedrooms but we only rent five so the kids have a place to bunk. It was previously rented by the Caldwells & The Gordons and we have recently been taking it on. Everyone is on their own for breakfast/ pack lunch/ and we share a dinner (all though that’s not necessary if you are doing other things). We have the house rented from the 26th of Dec through January 1st–( 8 Days & 7 Nights) The price for the full week is $800.per family/room.  If you want to do it on a daily basis it is $150.00 per night. Currently there are three families signed up: (Tarmys, 2 adults & 1 9y ear girl)(Bells, 2 adults & 2 Girls 8 &10)(Estrins, 1 Adult, 1  10 year old Boy). If you have any interest please contact Mark or Camilla at 802-387-4450 as soon as possible. We are doing this on a first come first served basis with preference given to people committing to the week. We are also contacting the EMBKL & CSU folks.

All the best,

Mark Tarmy




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