Practice Plan for Tuesday, 12-2-14 – skis and shoes!


  1. How about that snow over Thanksgiving! Our family got out for two nice skis in the woods…hope some of you did, too!
  2. Many thanks to Tracy, Jane and many, many contributing families for the yummy snacks after practice last Tuesday. It was fun to connect with so many of you around the fire!
  3. A reminder that we do our best to choose the best possibility for practice sites and techniques. We have many dedicated coaches who take time to go check out venues and conditions the day before practice. This is why we wait until the evening before our practice to send an email with plans. Thanks for your patience and for understanding that conditions can make these decisions challenging.
  4. Please check the website tomorrow in case there is a change in plans. Any change will be made by noon.
  5. Check out our Nordic News page on the website. This is where we will post community events that relate to Nordic skiing. Lake Morey Skate-a-thon is coming up and you can see the group picture from our Skiway hike here:
  6. Note that before, during and after practices, we encourage kids to ski on the snow, not throw it. We’d love your help reminding kids not to throw snowballs.
  7. Families with kids in the One-Day Nordic program will receive a separate email about details for those practices. Please make sure to read both our email and that one as the programs will often have different plans.


Ashley and Peter

Location:  Garipay Fields (near Rugby House)
Time:  3:30-4:30
Technique:  Skate skiing OR Running – bring shoes and skis!
Wax Recommendation:  NA
Upcoming Race:  NA


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