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Hannah Kearney Send-off

Join Hannah Kearney at Morano Gelato as they dedicate a new flavor, “Caffe Kearney,” in her honor! Hannah will be at the shop on Tuesday, January 21 from 3:30 – 4:00 so stop by for a picture, a taste of her requested flavor, and to wish her luck before she heads off to Sochi to […]

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Gate Clearing For Young Athletes – By Edie Thys Morgan

“Clearing” up the issue: an anti-cross blocking manifesto. By Someone Who Cares. “When can I cross block?” Once the slalom gates are set in the snow that is the most common and the most cringe-worthy question a coach gets asked. The answer? “How about never?” First off, the term cross-blocking is misleading. It is often […]

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Celebration for Hannah Kearney – Friday 2/26

To celebrate Hannah Kearney’s gold medal win at the 2010 Olympics, the following events are planned in Hanover and Norwich: Hannah Day – Feb. 26, 2010 1:00 pm – Hannah’s motorcade with police/fire escort will arrive at Richmond Middle School for a brief visit with the middle school students in the gym 1:10 pm – […]

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