Important! Change in e-mail system

Dear Ford Sayre Families,

ACTION REQUIRED! Please read carefully or you may fail to receive our future e-mails.

We are transitioning to a new e-mail system, so this will be the last e-mail sent using this e-mail group, known as the 2015-2016 BKL 2&3 Day list.

If you have a registered skier in a Grade 3-8 program for the 2016-2017 season, you were automatically subscribed to our new e-mail system and should have received an e-mail earlier this evening. The subject line read: Welcome to the 2016-2017 Ford Sayre Program. This e-mail & all future e-mails are archived on our website. Please check your inbox to confirm receipt.

If you have registered a skier for 2016-2017 & did not receive this Welcome e-mail, please e-mail Jane Phipps at

Future e-mails will still come from Ford Sayre BKL ( or Junior BKL ( Our new system will allow us better channels of communication with less duplication in your inbox, especially if you have multiple kids in the program.

For anyone that wishes to continue receiving BKL e-mails, but will not register for the 2016-2017 season (think non-parent coaches & community members, additional family members, caregivers), please subscribe here.

Think snow & keep in touch,

Aricca Van Citters, Co-Program Head, BKL Grades K-4,
Jane Phipps, Co-Program Head, BKL Grades 5-8,

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