Plan for Tuesday 2-23-16


Location:   Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT
Time:  3:45-4:45
Technique:  Ice skating!
Wax Recommendation: NA
Upcoming Event/Race: We will announce tomorrow our decision on the Silver Fox Trot and if we can pull it off somewhere else. Stay tuned. Strafford thinks they might manage to hold their Relays on Sunday if they get snow Wednesday and Thursday. We will keep you posted.


Man! This is just a tough winter. There’s no denying it. BUT, it doesn’t mean we can’t have FUN!


Our plan is to have an ice skating practice at Lake Morey in Fairlee. Jamie Hess of The Nordic Skater has kindly offered to let us use his nordic skates for FREE tomorrow. We will bring a carload of them and sign them out to kids (and parents if we have enough). The skates work on NNN bindings and are a ton of fun on long stretches of ice. If you would prefer to wear your own hockey or figure skates, that’s fine, too.

After arriving (see below) kids should meet their coaches in grade level groups on the ice in front of the resort at 3:45.


It would be helpful if you would let us know if you/your child will be joining us tomorrow both so we know how many to expect and so we know how many pairs of skates to bring. Please sign up here.


Helmets are required to join practice.

We have been told to keep an eye out for streams that bring water into the lake on the west shore (to the left as you face the lake from the resort). The ice in these areas can be unsafe for 50 – 100 feet out from shore. Please remind your children to be aware and not go anywhere near open water. We will remind them as well. 


The Almighty Google tells me it takes 24 minutes to drive to the resort from Richmond Middle School or Marion Cross. Directions to the Lake Morey Resort are here. We have been told to park “across the road at the clubhouse” and then walk to the resort and follow the signs for the skate trail. Drive past the resort and the clubhouse will be on the left. Please remind your children that we are guests and that they should behave respectfully on the ice. We ask that kids stay out of the resort buildings.


Wear layers, bring your ski boots and then find me, Ashley, in the clubhouse parking lot to sign out skates. Again, you must bring a helmet!

Parents, join us! If you’d like to skate and have NNN boots (not Salomon), put your name on the google list with a note you are a parent and we will see if we can accommodate you with skates, too.

Cheers to finding ways to be active outside!

Ashley and Peter





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