Plan for Thursday, 1-28-16


Location:   Garipay
Time:  3:30-4:30
Technique:  skate
Wax Recommendation:  Whatever you have on is fine
Upcoming Event/Race: Sunday 1/31/16 – Mt. Top Paintball Biathlon (skate skiing and shooting paintballs! What could be better?!) – Register here:  Register before Friday = $20. Day Of Registration = $30.


Hurrah for all the kids and coaches who skied with smiles on their faces in the midst of the rain and wet snow on Tuesday. These conditions are what make us hardy New Englanders. We can have fun in anything!


With these whacky conditions, please know that we MAY end up changing locations (not technique) tomorrow morning. Wish it weren’t so, but it’s the nature of the beast. We will send a post as early as possible tomorrow if we do make a change and will notify the schools as well. You can always check the FS site, as well. All posts end up there on our 2&3 Day page.


Our home race is scheduled for Saturday, February 27. Held at Garipay Fields in Hanover, this is one of the biggest races in New England and it is a blast! The BKL(K-8th grade) kids will race in the morning and the adults/high school ages will race in the afternoon. It’s a skate race for 3rd grade and up and a classic race for 2nd grade and below. We encourage you to register your child asap for the SFT so we can begin to understand the numbers we will have participating and so others are encouraged to register. Join in the fun! This is a fantastic time for newer racers to join the scene or for reluctant racers to come watch what happens at a xc race. Please go here to register:

and for more info, go to the Silver Fox link on our Ford Sayre site:

As always, we are open to your comments and questions!


Ashley and Peter

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