Plan for Thursday 1/7/15


For Practice on:  Thursday, 1/7/15


Location:  ***Garipay, but there is a reasonable probability that the venue may change to the stadium at Oak Hill if the snow at Garipay does not soften enough for safe skiing.  We will send out an email by 2pm tomorrow if we change the venue to Oak Hill…drivers and middle school walkers take note!!!
Time:  3:30-4:30
Technique:  Skate (YES on snow!!!)
Wax Recommendation:  NA
Upcoming Event/Race:  Bogburn POSTPONED


Thanks to those who came to ask questions yesterday. We had several families work with coaches on finding the wax pocket, pole and ski sizing, and waxing. It was a nice, unhurried time to go over some of these topics. We also watched a bit of the Tour de Ski sprints! Thanks to Dorcas for the use of her classroom.


There have been some impressive, VERY impressive, USA results in the Tour de Ski, an event that takes place across Europe and includes 8 races in 10 days. Check out Tuesday’s women’s sprints for some seriously excellent racing. It streams beautifully from


Some folks are still looking for gear and clothing. Please remember to post anything you HAVE OR NEED on our “Used gear Exchange” here:

Jen Frost is looking for a FS nordic jacket in size small. If you have one you aren’t using, would you let her know? You can email her at  From here on out, put your requests on the Gear Exchange. It is a great tool if we keep it up to date.


With the Bogburn postponed, are you looking for a destination this weekend? The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is hosting a NorAm event sanctioned by the International Paralympic Committee. These races feature both Paralympic medalists and developing skiers from the US and Canada competing in biathlon and cross country. On Saturday there will be a biathlon race (currently scheduled for 10:00). The field size will be small and the race should have a bit of a local feel to it. Come out and cheer, then ski a few K to round out the day. For more info visit or contact our own FS coach, Rob Walsh (, 643-1207)


Ashley & Peter


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