First Day of Practice this Thursday! Woohoo!


Location:   Oak Hill
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique:  dry land
Wax Recommendation: N/A 🙂
Upcoming Event/Race: Family hike up Holt’s Ledge, Sunday, November 15, meet at 10:00

Dartmouth Skiway Parking Lot. Come one, come all!



Welcome to the Ford Sayre Nordic 2&3 Day Program! We’ve been loving bumping into families around town and hearing how excited everyone is to get started. We are too! Woohoo! This first email is always a bit long, so bear with us…


Before every practice, you’ll receive an email in this format – a table like the one above with location, time, ski technique (classic or skate), wax reco, and upcoming race/event. It should show up on your phone looking the same way. All emails/posts, current and past, are posted and archived on the site so you can go back and reference them at any time.

We also encourage you to dig into the site to answer your questions. Check out the menu at the left side of the Nordic>BKL 2&3 Day page. You’ll be able to find lots of answers to your questions there.

FIRST PRACTICE: Some tips for a successful first day

  • Practice starts at 3:30 and is only one hour long since we lose our sunlight at 4:30. We do our best to begin on time, so try to arrive early so your child can gear up and find his/her grade level group. We will have signs posted to make it easy.
  • Wear non-cotton layers, wool socks and running shoes (no winter boots), hat, light gloves if it is cold. See our What To Wear When you Ski page for more information.
  • Parking! Our lot gets crowded and Dartmouth requires that we use a particular parking design to allow ambulances or firetrucks to come in if necessary . Please park on each side of the lot as far in toward the cabin as you possibly can. Try to leave no spaces between cars. We will have cones in the center section and folks to help you park there, too. Drive slowly in the evening light! Carpooling helps reduce traffic, too!
  • New parents, come say hello to me, Ashley, in the parking lot. I’d love to meet you! I’ll be near the tiger.
  • Parents, if you wear sturdy shoes when you pick up your children on Thursday, and if you have time, you can come up the hill and say hello at the end of practice to the coaches. They are wonderful and want to meet you!
  • We love that many RMS kids like to walk to practice – this is a great part of skiing at Oak Hill – so close! For the first day only, to show the kids the ropes, Cindy Glueck will meet a group at the flag pole at RMS at 3:10. Children should quickly change into practice garb at RMS after school and then come out to meet Cindy. Please let her know if she should expect your child.


We rarely cancel practice. However, if school is cancelled, we cancel. If practice is cancelled on a day when school is in session (ie:no snow, bad ice, dangerous conditions), the decision will be made before noon and will be posted on our page. The notice should come to you as an email, but you should always check the site if you aren’t sure since the site will be real time. Cancellations will also be phoned in to local schools before noon. Please make a plan with your child for days when practice is cancelled. They should have a plan B.


Thank you to those who joined us for our New Families Night on November 4th. A brief handout from the night is posted on the Information for Parents page of our nordic site. If you are a new family, please make sure to read through these materials and let us know if you have any questions!


Reach out to us! We’re always here to field your questions and receive your comments. Let us know if we can help!  Ashley & Peter,, (802) 649-2159

Cheers and see you Thursday.


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