Banquet this Wednesday & Some Notes


What a Festival weekend we had! In sunny weather 47 FS skiers participated in two races. Thanks to all who made the day possible – Head Coach Jay Davis, Grade Level Lead Coaches, Jonathan Chipman’s highly organized waxing crew, many, many helpful parents, and especially, our skiers, whose positive attitudes made us all proud.

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  1. Although our official ski practices are over for the season, be assured that many eager families will be out on the snow as long as it’s there! Join other Ford Sayre families on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 at Oak Hill for informal skiing that is not sponsored by the club.
  2. Our banquet is Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 in the Black Community Center in Hanover. Looks like we have 79 people coming so far. Please add your family today if you haven’t yet and let us know what you can bring and how you can help by going to this banquet planning doc.
  3. Please go to this form to let us know how far your children skied this season if they are interested in receiving a pin for Ski for K’s. Our past emails/posts have more about this program.
  4. Used skis! If you have some used skis that are too small for your kids and that you are willing to donate, we will happily relieve you of them at the banquet and will thank you profusely!
  5. A note from the Zuckerman Family: After the last practice at Oak Hill, my son Caleb (3/4) came home with the wrong poles (so sorry!)
    Found: One pair of Gray Swix Nordic Poles, no name on them.
    Lost: One pair of Gray Swix Nordic Poles labeled “Zuckerman” near the handles.
    Please let us know if we have yours or you have ours! Thank you,  Tracy

See you on Wednesday!

Ashley and Peter

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