Race Plan for Strafford Relays, Sunday 3-1-15

Hello Parents,

Complicated day at Strafford this Sunday, so we are sending out the info in this medium as it is hard to fit on the spreadsheet because of two different races, two different techniques, two different wax recommendations, etc!  Do not worry about signing your child/ren up on a regular race organization google doc, as we already know who the teams are.

Strafford Race Info:

Classic Race, starting off at 10:00 with youngest kids

Glide Wax:  CH6 for 3/4 and 5/6, CH7 for 7/8 and Parents


3/4 Graders:

Race Start:  10:20

Skis to Waxers: 9:20

Course Preview: 9:45


5/6 Graders:

Race Start:  10:40

Skis to Waxers: 9:30

Course Preview: 10:00


7/8 Graders:

Race Start:  11:00

Skis to Waxers: 10:00

Course Preview: 10:30



Race Start: 11:30

Yeah, we’ll help with wax if you need it. 🙂

Fit in course preview around cheering your kids on


Skate Race, starting at 1:00

Glide Wax:  CH8 or equivalent


3/4 Graders:

Race Start:  1:20

Course Preview: 12:45


5/6 Graders:

Race Start:  1:40

Course Preview: 1:00


7/8 Graders:

Race Start:  2:00

Course Preview: 1:30



Race Start:  2:30

Course Preview:  Ditto classic recommendation


Warm-down all together, with ice cream in hand like last year if timing allows!

Cheers, and it will be a great day out there. 🙂  Do let us know if you have any questions,



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