Practice Plan for Friday, 2-27-15

Information for the Friday Program:

Location:   Oak Hill
Time: 3:30-5:00
Technique:  classic
Wax Recommendation: V30 Blue kick wax
Upcoming Race:  Strafford Relays!


  1. Peter will be substituting for Dorcas tomorrow as Lead Coach.
  2. We’ll be doing some work on classic skis, skiing around the pond, and ending up at the Ray School at around 4:30 for a viewing of the sprint relays that are happening in Falun!  Woohoo! We will watch the video with intention and pointing out things the kids can learn from. It should be fun.
  3. Please drop your skiers off at Oak Hill BUT pick up will be at the RAY SCHOOL. You can meet us in the lobby at 5:00. For kids who have backpacks left at Oak Hill, you can grab the packs before you grab your kids, or grab them after the kid grab:)

Cheers to the awesomeness of nordic skiing!


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