Putney Classic Relays 2015

Get ready for the Putney Relays 2015!

For our upcoming BKL race, the Putney Ski Club has decided to dust off the old “Putney Relays” brand and run a classic style relay event with an emphasis on participation and fun.

To promote participation by recreational skiers from all clubs, we’re using a unique format:

  • Each team will be comprised of one skier from each age group.
  • Boys and girls will race in the same race with no separate results or special categories for mixed teams. We’re all in this together!
  • Each age group will ski their own lap (different length course for each group).
  • Skiers may “ski up” a group, provided they ski the appropriate distance for the leg. (For example, if a 5/6 skier goes in the 7/8 leg, they’ll race the 7/8 course.)
  • Skiers are not allowed allowed to “ski down” into a younger age group.

We know this will require a little forethought and planning from everyone, so as you put together your teams this week, please send the line up to Kristin Dawley by Friday, February 20 at 3 p.m.

We also know there will be gaps. If your team has any spots that are tough to fill, let Kristin know as soon as possible. That way, as she gets information she can help to ensure that everybody who wants to race gets on a team.

And be creative! If your team is short a racer in a particular age group, ask a friend who’s never raced before! Or reach out to another club who may have more than one racer in that group! (In addition, we might require adults to fill gaps in their club’s team roster by skiing a special adult lap.) Give yourselves an awesome team name!

To encourage participation AND keep the racing interesting, we’re offering an overall club award for the club with the smallest average time gap between their fastest and slowest teams. We’ll calculate that by looking at the difference in seconds between the fastest and slowest teams from a given club, and dividing that difference by the number of teams entered by the club. This provides an incentive to enter a lot of teams and to distribute the racers carefully.

The race will be timed, but only the team’s finishing time will be recorded and published. No lap splits will be calculated.

There will also be prizes for best relay socks and best costume! Cookies for all teams who wear costumes!

Lap order and other details will be announced next week. Our primary course plan is to utilize mostly open terrain on Page’s Field (which we passed through to get to the course in our last race). If it’s cold and windy, the backup course will be in the shelter of the woods.

Right now Putney’s trails are in beautiful shape with miles of groomed trails. Feel free to stay after the race to ski with family and friends.

Send an email if you have any questions!


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