Some Interesting Items

A few items for this week:

  1. We have had one family cancel for the Zealand Hut ski this coming Saturday/Sunday. As a result, there are three spots open. If you are interested, please email Jonathan Chipman at to find out more.
  2. Putney BKL sent us this information. “While we are not sponsoring this race, it sounds like a blast! Get ready for the Putney Relays 2015! The Putney Ski Club has decided to dust off the old “Putney Relays” brand and run a classic style relay event with an emphasis on participation and fun. To learn more go here.”
  3. Stowe Derby is happening on the 22nd! Go here for more info.
  4. WATCH THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! The Falun Nordic World Championships begin February 18. Click here for the schedule of events. And here is a link to a video of Jessie Diggins (remember her from the SMS T2 clinic?) telling a bit about it. The US nordic scene is trying to raise awareness of this great event and increase US viewership so they can make a case to USSA to get future cross country events on NBC TV.
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