Silver Fox Trot – Race Organization

Dear parents of 1-day a week BKL skiers,

We are excited to have so many Ford Sayre skiers participating in the races on Saturday. As of this morning, we have over 80 FS skiers registered, and at least 24 of them are one-day a week skiers! Online registration is now closed, but skiers can register on Saturday morning at the Ray School between 9:00 and 10:15.

The official race information is on the Silver Fox Trot tab on our site. Please check it tonight and Saturday morning as race start times may be delayed if it is too cold.

If your child plans to participate, please read the race organization document and add your child to his/her grade level list. (Note that the Lollipop skiers are on the far right column.)


There will be enormous numbers of families skiing at Garipay and Oak Hill on Saturday as well as a basketball tournament at the Ray School. Please make an effort to carpool to the races if you can. Parking will be tight. It would be very helpful if families did not bring two cars.


All bib pick up and day-of-race registration will take place in the Ray School lobby. When you arrive, please drive to the Ray school, park temporarily, pick up your bib/s and then get back in your car and park at Garipay or the Dartmouth Day Care Center. BKL FAMILIES ARE ASKED NOT TO PARK AT THE RAY SCHOOL. Please remind your friends and family about this, too.


It is predicted to be very cold on Saturday. ALL children should wear appropriate layers, toe/hand warmers, hats, buffs, and mittens. Make sure ears are covered by hats or buffs. We will have a tent erected so kids can get out of the cold, but it won’t be hot in there, so be prepared. Our younger racers should plan to race in what they wear to practice. Many children sweat during the race and will need to put warm, dry layers back on after the race so they don’t get chilled. 

We are excited to see you out there! Bring a cow bell and lets all cheer for the Ford Sayre skiers!

Go Ford Sayre!

Aricca;; 603-715-7233

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