Practice Plan for Thursday, 2-12-15

Information for the 2&3 Day Program:

Location:   Garipay
Time: 3:30-5:00
Technique:  skate
Wax Recommendation:  Same as Tuesday is fine
Upcoming Race:  The Silver Fox Trot – our home race takes place Saturday at Garipay! Go to SkiReg to register and to the SFT page on our site for details and schedules. Parents, don’t forget the citizen’s race! Low key, great exercise, lots of fun! Please register early to help us organize!


  1. If your child wants to join in the fun on Saturday at the race and you are not feeling confident about glide waxing your child’s skis, please let Jonathan Chipman, our Wax Coordinator, know by emailing him at He is more than willing to fill you in and help you out.
  2. Many thanks to all who helped organize and provide for the snacks on Tuesday. The kids and coaches had a blast. We will post our photos soon and let you know where you can see them.
  3. The Hanover Historical Society is sponsoring a showing of the film, Passion for Snow, on Wednesday, Feb. 25th, at 7:00 p.m., in the Mayer Room of the Howe Library. Please spread the word to friends and family. Passion for Snowproduced by the Dartmouth College Class of 1965, tells about the role that Dartmouth College, the town of Hanover, and the Ford Sayre program played in developing the U.S. ski industry. The film covers: the beginning of collegiate skiing in 1910; the development of current day ski racing techniques like the slalom (1925), downhill (1927), and giant slalom (1937); the start of the Winter Olympics; the founding/developing of most major US Ski Resorts; the U.S. Army Mountain troops in WW II; and the training of disabled skiers.  With old film footage, new interviews and period music, the film shows how Dartmouth and Hanover utilized their fortunate placement in snow country to have a phenomenal influence over winter activities worldwide.The film was nominated for an Emmy and won the Outdoor Writers’ Association First Place award as Ski History Film of the Year.
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