Lost and Found: Please check

Hi BKL 1-day a week families,

We have several items that have either been lost or found. Can you please check your equipment to see if you might have mistakenly picked up some of the missing equipment? Also, please let me know if the equipment that I have found belongs to you or a friend.

And, as a friendly reminder, please make sure that all of your equipment is labeled! (This goes for children, coaches, and parents.)

  • Missing equipment:
    • Black and white classic poles (for someone about 5’4” tall) Lost in late January.
    • Black, Red, and White Alpina classic poles (for someone about 5’4” tall) Lost in late December.
    • Pair of black children’s poles (for a 1st grader) – one strap doesn’t work. Lost in late January.
  • Found equipment:
    • Fischer Sprint Crown waxless skis (140 cm) and Alpina black/red/white classic youth poles. Found in early February.
    • Atomic blue/white waxless skis (200 cm) and Swix Carbonlite poles (black with green, pink, orange design. Found in early February.
    • 1 Madshu children’s pole (95 cm) Found in early February.
    • Pair of black aluminum poles for someone about 5′ tall. Found in late December/early January.


Aricca; bkl.one.day@fordsayre.org; 603-715-7233

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