Practice Plan for Tuesday, 2/3/15: One-day Program

Hello 1-day a week BKL families,

Today’s snow should make for wonderful classic skiing on Tuesday!

Location: Garipay Field
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic


  1. ALL GRADE LEVELS ARE INVITED TO BRING POLES!  Many of the younger skiers will only use poles for PART of the practice, so please make sure all equipment is labeled. I have extra colored tape and markers in the bucket at the K/1 table.
  2. MISSING: We are missing two pairs of poles – can you please check to see if you may have gone home with the wrong pair. (1) Red/Black/White Alpina poles for someone about 5’4″. (2) Black poles for a child about 4′ tall (one of the wrist straps is broken). If you may have taken home the wrong pair, please let me know.
  3. FORD SAYRE CAR MAGNETS are available. I will have them in the clear bins near the K/1 check-in area. Please come get one!
  4. SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT: Please remember to sign-in AND sign-out your child!!

Aricca,, 603-715-7233

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