Practice plan for Thursday, 1-29-15: 1-day a week program

Hello 1-day a week BKL families,

This is a reminder that we will be holding an OPTIONAL practice on Thursday, January 29th. Our goal is to have fun, work on hills and gliding, and enjoy skiing “in the tracks” for the first time this season!!

Location: Garipay Field
Time: 3:30-4:30
Technique: Classic


  1. ALL GRADE LEVELS ARE INVITED TO BRING POLES! This includes the kindergarten through second grade students who have not yet practiced with poles. If your K-2 grade child does not have poles, we will likely do some sharing so that everyone has a chance to try out poles. So, please make sure all equipment is labeled.
  2. FORD SAYRE CAR MAGNETS are available. I will have them in the clear bins near the K/1 check-in area. Please come get one!
  3. SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT: Please remember to sign-in AND sign-out your child!!
  4. PARKING AREA: We are excited to be sharing Garipay with the 2- and 3-day a week BKL skiers tomorrow. This will make the parking lot busier than normal, but it will not change our normal check-in locations.
  5. FORD SAYRE GEAR: If you ordered gear from Ford Sayre, Bob Burnham will be on hand tomorrow to distribute it. If you do not connect with him, I will plan to hold on to unclaimed gear until we can get it to you.
  6. REQUEST FROM SILVER FOX TROT ORGANIZERS: Ford Sayre’s premier event, the Silver Fox Trot will be here soon (Saturday, February 14).  We are looking to borrow a generator, as well as several folding tables.  If anyone has a generator and/or a table to loan for the day, please contact  Also, if your child has any interest in racing, add this date to your calendar and plan to spectate or participate! It will provide a fun (and local) introduction to BKL racing.
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